Zidane Reveal – Concept Launch (Grand Hyatt)

The city of Love, The city of Fashion The city of Lights and The city of Football Fanatics, all of which make it The Ultimate City, now laying its foundation down in Mumbai.

We invited guests by giving out Football tickets and led them through a lit up dugout where even mannequins geared up for the game, wearing Jerseys that had Kanakia building logos embossed on them. After a little dribbling and a little posing, our guests were elated on entering to see our distinctive stage that had the Eiffel Tower and The Arc De Triomphe on either side of the screen; and a stadium flex hovering above that completely transformed the ambience creating the illusion of a stadium.

We related Paris to its unconventional paradigm – Football; but we didn’t forget the basics. With Jazz Classics and a lit up ambience, it was a knockout sensation throughout the match.

As most of you know already, Kanakia introduced their Wellness Ambassador and had all the football fans going crazy. We kept our guests in a muddled state until we began a video montage of a legendary football player starting with his very first match in 1972. If our guests weren’t fans before, they certainly were fans of ZINEDINE ZIDANE by the end of the night for his exquisitely scored goals. If the video wasn’t enticing enough we had world record breaking Football Freestylers perform their tricks and treats alongside, leaving bystanders spellbound.

A zestful night with many enthusiastic strikers came to an end with The Think Tank Entertainment scoring the winning goal!