SPENTA – Game Changer’s Meet

The Spenta group hosted The Game Changer’s Meet on the 10 th  of November at the ACRE’S Club, Chembur. The event was attended by approximately a 100 Preferred Channel Partners.
It was an event organised to facilitate the Channel Partners who had performed outstandingly. The Think Tank Entertainment was designated to organise a minimalist decor for this meet.
The event started with a presentation followed by the prime focus of the meeting, to encourage the Preferred Channel Partners who had performed outstandingly. Prizes were distributed to all the achievers. They briefly spoke about their new upcoming project in Andheri. They wrapped up the event by concluding the old offers, Spenta also presented the guests with new offers for their future endeavor.
The Think Tank Entertainment’s Business Development Manager, Deepanshu Narang quotes, “This Game Changer’s Meet has been a cementing event for The Think Tank Entertainment and Spenta’s association. We meet the Preferred Channel Partners and furthermore, organising this event was another stepping stone on our path of association. We only hope to build this relationship with each progressing occasion.”