Rotary Centennial Race

The Rotary Foundation had a vision. A vision to celebrate it’s century completion in a grand way. The Think Tank Entertainment was assigned with this task. On the 20 th  of November, 2016, the Rotary Centennial Race was set at the Mahalaxmi Race Course to commemorate Rotary’s 100 years of service. More than 5,000 Rotary members from all over the city were invited for this celebration.
There were 7 races conducted throughout the day and were named after Rotary’s most important projects. There were 7 races conducted throughout the day an There were 7 races conducted throughout the day and were named after Rotary’s most important projects and were named after Rotary’s most important projects. Rotary planned a surprise for everyone attending and attempted at breaking the Guninnes World Record of the Largest Horse Shoe! For the first time in the history of The Rotary Foundation, they aimed for this feat. At the arena, this successful installation was literally the centre of attraction and was revealed with music and dance performance by the Power Bockers. The crowd was serenade by live performences by some young upcoming talents of the industry. To seal the deal, Shahid Mallya of Ikk Kudi fame & DJ Arkane, came in to end this musical journey with a bang! This ride was now a joy ride with the Gini and Jony Kids Fashion Show where the cute ones were dressed in smart casuals, party dresses and denims. Among all the dance and music, there was a spread of gourmet cuisine and the finest liquor to regenerate the crowd. Food, wine and shopping makes for a perfect combo and we know that. A hundred flea stores were set up with a veriety of options amongst clothes, shoes, desserts and a lots more.
As the day descends, the evening was taken over by the beautiful Rotary ladies. A professionally curated beauty contest for the Rotarian ladies with diamond studded crowns and tiaras up for grabs. After all this, we still had more!
We won’t be surprised if you walked out with a Honda bike and a Mahindra voucher. All thanks to the Raffle counter that allured a lot of participants all thanks to these endless prizes. A junior crowd favourite was the Gini and Jony Kids Zone. The tattoo counter and games kept them engaged while allowing their parents to attend the event without any worries. The celebration of the century is finally over! It left us passionate for more and with zeal to strive for more. It was a master-stroke we are proud of and hope to achieve the same with every event we organized.