Rolls Royce Art Installation by Sudarshan Shetty

Rolls-Royce hosted an art installation with Sudarshan Shetty at BKC Maker Maxity from the 18th to the 22nd of November. The Think Tank Entertainment was assigned to set up the venue and put up a spectacular show to flaunt their two cars, a beautiful Dawn & an exquisite Ghost, along with two hand crafted wooden art installations by Sudarshan Shetty. The 5 days long event saw the influx of media on the 18th, November, morning. The artist, Sudarshan Shetty and his magnificent installations had the undivided attention of one and all present. 
Rolls-Royce, with their ultimate performance-inspired car, DAWN and GHOST, were positioned to welcome each guest with upscale elegance. They transfixed each attendee and managed to stand tall amidst the crowd, striking and stylish.
Within all this there was an arena with bar and cocktail tables for the guests. Betwixt the creative influx we wanted to entertain the crowd with something enthralling, a saxophone player did just that with her mesmerising melodies. An instant photographer was positioned to capture the picturesque moments with the installations and cars. They were inserted in customised Rolls-Royce photo jackets and made for a memorable take away souvenirs.
Coming down to the decor, the venue was lit using minimalist lamps. To add to the ambience, we had diffuses with aroma oil. The sweet smell with the minimalist lights made for an enraptured night.
In Sudarshan Shetty's work, A Song A Story, the action unfolds across two screens. Each screen is set in a different setting – a village and a riverbank. The settings have the same structures but two different stories, anchored by two hand-carved wooden installations, in two different locations, with two protagonist, Sudarshan Shetty aimed to create an intense communicative network through his work.
The evenings were all about music, art, creativity and cars. Post the hard- work and dedication, The Think Tank team had a fabulous night reaping the fruit of all the toil and dedication.