Kanakia ZEN Launch

Kanakia Spaces launched their new themed project, ZEN, at Renaissance Powai. The evening revolved around the theme Zen and we took all our inspiration from this Japanese philosophy. To start with the stage, it was a massive stage had an ENO stationed right at the middle. The logo reveal was revealed here. The black and red stage had the essence of minimalist sophistication and perfect decor with the side pillars. The feel and the theme of the evening was set from the very entrance of the place. The entrance arch was inspired by a historic Japanese structure, The Shinto Arch. This structure was standing still post the Hiroshima and Nagasaki disaster & symbolizes the strength and endurance. The walkway that followed this arch was a traditional Japanese walkway. After the walkway, a miniature of a rock garden greeted each guest. Coming to the entertainment, we had an eye catching straw hat act. The act was curated to go along the lines of Japanese ingenuity. Post this, a very famous sand artist showcased the story of a city dweller and their progression from this hustle of the city to the calm midst of the Zen life in Kanjurmarg. As a takeaway, a Japanese calligraphy counter was set up to translate the guests name in Japanese. As a token of memento, this simple gift was cherished by all.