Kanakia Wallstreet : Grand Model Launch & Logo Reveal

T3 recently launched the upcoming commercial project for The Kanakia Group, named Wallstreet.The launch took place at The Palladium Hotel and was definitely a special one where the audience were engaged in all exceptional ways - "Wealth, Power & Influence".

There were many art installations, to name a few we had a Money Box with notes flying inside it to be grabbed, a Modern Office Installation stacked up gorgeously with part black and white cloth in one corner and was loaded with typewriters and antique phones etc. & a life size structure of the NY Bull right from the Wallstreet!

A Share Market game - "Kanakia Stock Exchange" was played with the audience of 400 in number and that too simultaneously. It was especially curated by us for Kanakia and to the theme of Wallstreet. The gamemaster - Abhishek Mazumder.

Further to the spectacular game came the performances, The Aerial Act saw a foreign artist rise up and fall instantly like the Sensex yet as gracefully as possible and A Shadow Act to Wallstreet's very own captivating jingle that was used to tell a story of a life here at Wallstreet.

T3 completed a year of working with The Kanakia Group and thought of doing something special for them. We had a surprise 2D projection mapping planned for them on two bulls which worked out stupendously.