EKTA Channel Partner’s Meet

Ekta builders launched Lake Riviera on the 3rd of October at their Lake Homes society Club House. More than 200 Channel Partners attended the event. The Chairman and Managing Director of Ekta Builders were also present for this unique CP Meet..

Lake Riviera is a Spa Residence, inspired by the spa themed homes we decorated the welcome area with statues of Buddha and candles. We displayed Lake Riviera animations at the interior wall of the Club House entrance. The spa themed decor was enhanced by a water ripple effect on the ceiling of the white tent, on the terrace. The stair case of the Club house were decorated using lanterns and lights. The location of the meet was visible from afar all thanks to the Sky Trackers installed on the terrace of the Club House. These trackers threw lights far off into the sky, to add to all the grandeur, City Lights were installed at the base of the building to enhance each level, making the location a spectacular attraction. The mesmerizing pool and the area around it were beautifully decorated for the same. International performers, based from Russia, flew down to be a part of the event and through their startling performance they revealed the Corporate Logo. Fire crackers were shot simultaneously to pull the reveal a notch higher. An acrobatic dance performance followed and was continued by the mermaid act that charmed the wits off one and all. The poised and elegant performance was the closing act that left the attendees thoroughly enchanted.

At T3 we strive to excel under pressure and we did just that. We confirmed the event on Saturday and delivered it on Monday; now that's some excellent team-work.