Bentley Car Setup at the Mahalaxmi Race Course

The Think Tank Entertainment structured a stunning stall for Bentley, displaying their state-of-the-art car, The Flying Spur, at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse for the Poona Walla Derby. It fit in outstandingly well amidst those gathered for the Night Races.

Living up to its name and well, famous for its great style and fabulous looks, this Bentley Car was a knockout sensation. With eye for detail and royalty, we arranged for a chic setup and a seating zone along with an ivory parasol adding to the aesthetic value of the setup that matched the elegant Flying Spur flawlessly.A striking waving flag with the Bentley logo was installed in the stall that added to the sophistication of the arrangement. The setup was unmistakably an eye-catcher and our work was well appreciated.