Bentley LUX: Luxury Expo

We were appointed to exhibit Bentley's agile and sporting luxury sedan, Flying Spur V8, at the Brilliant Convention Centre on the 1st and 2nd of October.

Having worked with Bentley before, at their various exhibitions in different parts of the country; we worked on a stall in Indore to display their magnificent Flying Spur V8. We delivered, as was expected, and fabricated a sophisticated white stall with a minimalist yet classy decor. Living up to its name and reputation, the car was a knock out sensation with its great style and fabulous look.

"It has always been a privilege to work with Bentley and considering our long association with this esteemed brand, working has always been a pleasure. We only hope to continue and deliver our best with each progressing project." - Siddharth Bohidar