Kanakia Showcasing at Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Kanakia for the very first time displayed all of their projects overseas and introduced this latest incredible one at Dubai – Kanakia Paris. The Think Tank Entertainment formulated creative ideas to bring a Football-like experience to the event where we revealed Kanakia Spaces Wellness Ambassador, French football legend Zinedine Zidane for this project. We orchestrated a distinctive concave stage for the evening with extensive lighting and a dome atmosphere much like a stadium for the elites with a classic black and gold.

The thrilling reveal of ZiZou in affiliation with Kanakia was commemorated by roll down banners that bedecked the entire stretch of the auditorium. Each of these banners had him posing for Kanakia Paris. No sooner than the reveal, we had a festive ribbon show, airborne and radiant, specifically with the colours that represented France to its finest. It was wonderful to see the ribbons dance and parade across the dome.

As Paris is ostentatious in its approach we had another two magnificent dances lined up for the evening; A Gatsby performance that had the guests floored through the night and an illuminating LED chandelier dance with them swanning about graciously.With exciting performances and a grandiose revelation, this night was one of a kind.