BMW Golf Tournament: Return Of The Golden Masters

The Think Tank Entertainment pulled off a spectacular show at the Bombay Presidency Golf Club, Chembur, on the 22nd of March. For the first time in Mumbai, Navnit Motors collaborated with BMW to come up with - ‘Return of the Golden Masters’, in association with Digraj Golf. This Golf Tournament aimed to provide all the esteemed HNIs with a day of golf and some much-needed relaxation. The grand golf course was planned and divided, to cater to a variety of recreational activities, leisure, refreshment, and golf. The 6th hole at the course was an exclusive area for champagne. At the 14th hole on the golf course, Shapoorji Pallonji organized a spa and massage for all the guest for a much-needed break and a refreshed essence post warm sunny day off at the Golf Club. Along with this, the lawn was arranged with an elegant sitting arrangement and a bar set – up, it was designed to cater for the breakfast and the lunch spread out for the day & also catered to engage all the guests with the sponsors AV and information. The golf and refreshment were not what this day was all about. The day with its share of refreshment, golf and masseuses came to a perfect end with some rhythm. A live performance, during lunch, by a saxophonist enthralled the guests with all their skills and mesmerizing music. Last but not the least, the sponsors honoured the guests for their participation and enthusiasm. Another amazing day of an event comes to an end with a success and perfect organization. The Think Tank entertainment is proud to be a part of this with Navnit Motors.